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Hello Brother started its voyage in the year 2002 at Gandhi Nagar, New Delhi - The capital state of India. And in a short time, became a reputed manufacturer and wholesaler of hosiery and textile garments like baba suits, modisuits, sherwanis and Indo-westernKids wear.

Hello Brother is dedicated to excellence in merchandising, product development, production, and logistics/delivery. We have earned a reputation throughout the apparel industry as one of the foremost manufacturers of kids wear in India for our commitment to quality, timely delivery, and total value satisfaction towards our customers.

Hello Brother focuses entirely on the clothing industry.

Innovative-Customer centric approach

“Innovation is the key to move ahead in the cluster & be recognized”

By following a customer centric approach, we constantly cater to the demands of customers through lending an attentive Ear to even the minuet requirements and take responsible actions to provide better and innovative products at our client’s disposal. We lay focus to changes and demands of our customers and continuously meet the quality standards and delivery requirements of the customers.

Quality Assurance:-

“At Hello Brother- Quality is everyone’s responsibility”

At Hello Brother the most prominent aspects we focus on is to maintain quality parameters and constantly improve our quality benchmarks for a better garments each time, every time – It’s a Hello Brother’s assurance

Quality Picked Sourcing:-

“Right sourcing- is half the battle won”

Through our extensive sourcing network, we have the ability to effectively procure the best fabrics, textiles and materials for our products. Our customers rely on us to deliver the best quality products and superb service which enable them to successfully compete in the emerging marketplace like India.

Streamlined Manufacturing Process:-

“Manufacturing Relationship – Distributing Quality”

Our garment manufacturing division is equipped with latest modern machines and technology with trained manpower to produce excellent quality garments at least price. Hello Brother has a wide range of product development capabilities.

Large Customer Base & Counting:-

“Because you’re Worth it; Thank you for your Trust & Support”

As a result of Our commitment towards meeting the customer’s requirements, We have garnered a large clientele which is growing day by day. We also thank our customers and buyers as they are the ones whose love and respect have enabled us to reach where we are and motivate us to bring better and innovative garments and designs at their disposal.

Social and Workers Welfare:-

“Because you’re Worth it; Thank you for your trust & support”

Through various social programs, Hello Brother also reaches out to the greater society. Hello Brother is proud of its heritage, the business we have built and the employees who built the company over the years. Many of the employees who started with the company have chosen to stay and grow with us. They have worked hard, contributed to the success and in a sense have become part of the larger Hello Brother family. This family takes care of its own during critical times and shares together in the good times.

“We consider Hello Brother to be a family-owned company- inspired by a powerful sense of enterprise”


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